DIY Wedding Invites

August 25, 2016

So you're engaged? Yippee!! You will now find yourself with a million and one jobs to do, lots of exciting things to prepare and organise! One of your first jobs after setting your date will be of course to spread the word and send out those all important 'save the dates'. Now, some of you may feel you want to make your own invites rather than buying shop bought ones or ones made to order. This could be for a number of reasons, including keeping the costs down and wanting to add your own personal touch - after all - this is all very exciting stuff! So for those of you looking to tackle a bit of DIY, I've put together some of my favourite wedding invites/save the dates, and even included some cute step by step tutorials <3



Translucent Paper Backed Invitations 




If you haven't got much time on your hands, translucent invites may be your saving grace! All you need to do is pop on the computer and either use Microsoft work, (or Publisher/Adobe Photoshop if you're a bit techy!!) and design your template, before printing multiple copies onto translucent paper. You can then back these onto any card of your choice. Go for a simple white or light brown if you want a clean finish. If you have a particular theme for your wedding then why not back onto a patterned paper, for example a vintage floral print? 



Vintage Doily Paper





Now this tutorial is actually for envelope design, but I'm quite fancying this design for wedding invites, especially for those of you looking to go down the vintage route! You could even make your own patterned paper to back your translucent invites onto! Again, a great way to achieve an expensive look when really you are only spending pounds on cheap pound world doilies! 


In this demo, the user has opted for spray paint, which is probably one of the easiest ways to gain quick coverage; you could go with a bright colour for a summer wedding (maybe even combine a couple!) or a metallic spray for a more glamorous look. Alternatively, if you want a more rustic, creative look, grab a washing up sponge and gently dab into slightly diluted paint and print this over the card to add a bit of texture! Finally, if you want a bit more of a boho style, wash watercolours over the top to create a really gentle white stencil - using multiple colours and letting them run into each other creates a truly stunning

effect <3


Get Stamping!



Again, a super quick cost effective way of transforming a boring bit of white card! Love how this vegetable naturally lends itself to a beautiful rose - you may as well work with the bits you have at home already! However, those looking for a more finished look should consider buying a true artistic stamp or even sending off for one to be created - perhaps you could get all your wedding details engraved and ready to go - you then just need to add ink! 


This reminds me of my A-Level art days and my passion for lino printing! Similar to the stamp idea, lino printing is perfect for those wanting to create something a bit different but has the benefit of speed - once the lino is carved and your happy, you can print away! Lino is cheap to buy and -  if you buy the good soft stuff - easy to work with. Hobby craft do a great little tool starter pack which is all you need to get yourself going! 




Here are a few examples of bits I have played with previously myself, just to give an idea of how achievable the craft is! I've also added some inspiration as to how you could use this technique in wedding stationary:







Go Quirky!


Sometimes the traditional wedding invite isn't everyones cup of tea! Why not go a bit modern and put a fun twist on thins - again, saving you many a penny! I personally love this photo strip idea - really conveys the happiness and excitement of the couple!




Add layers!


Adding layers can be a great way to make stationery look more special and expensive! This layering of doilies is perfect for the rustic or boho wedding - simplicity can be so stunning! Check out this youtube tutorial for a step-by-step guide!




Well thank you for taking a couple of minutes out to have a little read! Hopefully I have managed to get the creative juices flowing and made you think twice about going for the standard shop-bought option! It's always nice to add a little personal touch, but even better if you can do this without breaking the bank and  having to labour over it all weekend!


Until next time my lovelies x


Shannon x










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