A bride is a woman who is about to marry or who is recently married. She is traditionally accompanied by a maid or bridesmaid and occasionally by a groomsman. The bride may also be attended by other women such as sisters, aunts, cousins or friends. The term is derived from the Middle English word bride-ale, which refers to a wedding feast.

The dress worn by a bride on her wedding day is traditionally white. While this color is associated with purity, the tradition has no historical basis; in fact, in ancient times, women wore many different colors at their weddings. In modern times, the bridal gown is often adorned with beads or embroidery, and it can be fitted or flowy. It is often covered by a veil, which serves to signify the bride’s virginity.

There are many types of bridal gowns, and each type has its own name. For example, the A-line is fit through the bodice and flares out slightly at the waist, resembling the letter “A.” This type of dress is ideal for most body types. The trumpet or fit-and-flare is a variation on the A-line, with fitted lines through the chest and mid-thigh that flare out to the knee, ideal for accentuateing a narrow figure. The mermaid dress is similar, but it fits closely to the body through the hips and waist, making it ideal for hourglass figures.

Although it’s not always possible, the bride should be involved in all major decisions regarding her bridal shower, such as the venue and guest list. However, she should not be responsible for deciding on the minor details of the event, such as the food or decorations.

In the United States, a bridal shower is typically a casual, daytime party. A lunch, brunch or afternoon tea is usually served. It’s also common for guests to play games, such as a this-or-that game where they write down memories or facts about the bride and then reveal who they are from. Other popular activities include writing down embarrassing or funny stories about the bride and reading them out loud.

If the bridal shower is to be held outside, the bride should wear a light, summery dress such as a floral patterned mini or a sundress in a lighter shade of pink or ivory. She can pair the dress with wedges or sandals. For men, smart chinos paired with a crisp shirt are appropriate. A blazer can be added for extra formality.

A bride can add a touch of personalization to her wedding attire by selecting a dress with a detachable train. This style of train is attached with hooks or buttons, so it can be removed during the reception and does not interfere with dancing. In addition, a detachable train can make it easier for the bride to move around and dance without worrying about her skirt getting caught on something or someone. Likewise, a removable bustle can be fastened with these same hooks or buttons.

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