2023 Bridal Fashion Trends

The wedding dress is a bride’s most personal style choice, and it often represents the essence of her big day. It’s also a major milestone that requires a lot of consideration and planning, from choosing a designer to finding the right gown for your body type to matching your gown with an event-specific accessory like a floral boleros or veil. Fortunately, 2023 bridal fashion is bringing new styles and trends to help you find the perfect wedding dress for your big day.

The first step is deciding on the neckline of your bridal gown, which can range from simple and elegant to more intricate and dramatic. Once you’ve settled on a neckline, consider the waist style of your dress, which can include empire, basque, or natural, as well as the length and train of your gown. Then, browse by fabric, which includes lace and silk, as well as satin, chiffon, cotton, and tulle. Finally, choose the color of your bridal gown, from traditional white to a more unique palette like pastel blue or blush pink.

In the past, a woman’s wedding gown was a symbol of her family’s wealth and social status. For example, if a lady’s maid married in a purple dress, it was a clear sign of her poorer class. Even so, by the late 1800s, white had become the most widely used color for wedding dresses.

Bridal designers have been playing with off-white hues for years, and in the ’80s, Princess Diana made her mark on bridal fashion with her enormous ivory taffeta gown that featured poufy shoulders, a lace V-neck, and a 26-foot train. Today, bridal designers continue to innovate by combining a sleek column silhouette with feminine embellishments like puff sleeves and square necklines.

Until the mid-1700s, it was extremely rare for any woman, not even royalty, to expect to wear her wedding dress only once. Even if a royal bride had her wedding gown custom-made, it would often be worn again in some capacity, whether as a cocktail dress or altered into something else.

A common trend throughout the decades has been for women to add on a coat or shawl as an accessory to their gown, which can be either a formal or casual way of highlighting different parts of your wardrobe. For example, a modern bride may add a floral or metallic boleros to her gown for a more festive look, while a classic bride might opt for a long-sleeved shawl for a more conservative wedding.

As a result of all these fashion innovations, wedding dress shopping is more exciting and personalized than ever. While the process can still be a little stressful, don’t let it ruin your overall experience of becoming a bride! Just remember to take a deep breath and keep in mind that the wedding dress is only one small part of your big day.

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