Explore Your Passions on Your Honeymoon


The honeymoon is a much-deserved break for the newlyweds after a stressful wedding and often hectic new life. It’s a chance for them to get away from family, friends and work to bond over shared experiences and create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it’s a relaxing beach escape or a culturally enriched city-centric adventure, every honeymoon enhances the marriage and helps the newlyweds grow closer together.

Honeymoons have evolved over time alongside societal norms and shifting cultural shifts. While the traditional notion of a honeymoon was immediate travel following a marriage, couples today are empowered to design their own honeymoon experience that aligns with their interests and values. The most successful honeymoons are those that allow couples to explore their passions and find common ground in the process.

Expert Tip:

When planning a honeymoon, consider a destination that you’ve both never been to. This will help you create new memories and trust each other to venture into unfamiliar territories. It will also keep your trip from becoming a rushed and stressful itinerary that’s packed with activities. Choosing a less-visited locale may even provide you with more unique honeymoon activities like snorkeling, kayaking or taking a scenic hike.

If you’re unsure where to begin, try sitting down with your partner and discussing your individual interests and hobbies. Asking questions like “what do you enjoy doing?” and “where would you want to go?” will help narrow down your options. You can then use that information to create a customized itinerary and ensure that your honeymoon is truly unforgettable.

For example, if you’re interested in arts and culture, a visit to Vienna, Austria could be the perfect option. The historic city is rich in museums, music and incredible food. It’s also a great home base for day trips to Salzburg and Hallstat. Mauritius is another top choice for honeymooners, offering a gorgeous turquoise coastline and plenty of opportunities to snorkel, dive or simply lounge.

Visiting a new place will also expose you to different cultures and ways of living, which can be an extremely enlightening experience. It will also give you a sense of perspective and empathy for other people, which is an invaluable skill to have in a relationship.

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