What Does “Bridal” Really Mean?

A wedding is a monumental occasion for any couple, but the word bridal can mean more than just a big party. It can refer to any event that celebrates the bride and groom, and the people who love them. From wedding showers to a rehearsal dinner, there are many different pre-wedding events that can be categorized as bridal. These events can be challenging to host without proper etiquette, but our handy guide can help you plan and execute any bridal celebration with confidence.

A bridal shower is a party held for the bride in the months leading up to her wedding day. It’s a great way for her close female friends and family to come together and celebrate the big day. Typically, the bride will receive gifts at the party that are either useful or sentimental. Often, these guests will also play games at the event, such as putting on a toilet paper fashion show or splitting into teams to answer trivia questions about the bride.

The bride’s maid of honor is usually in charge of planning and hosting a bridal shower, although the bride may ask someone else to take on the responsibility. She will likely enlist the help of her fellow bridesmaids to help with planning, sending out invitations, and choosing favors. The bride and her friends will often split the cost of the bridal shower, though it’s perfectly acceptable for the bride to do all the planning herself.

Bridal showers are usually only for female friends and family members, but sometimes the bride’s mother or other older relatives will be invited to the event. Other female co-workers and college friends might also be invited to the party, depending on how close they are to the bride. It’s also not uncommon for the bride to have a separate bachelorette party before her bridal shower.

Unlike the bridal shower, a wedding shower is typically for both the bride and the groom. It is usually held in the groom’s home or at a restaurant. Some couples may choose to have both a bridal shower and a wedding shower, which gives the bride and groom time to celebrate with their respective friends and family.

The groom’s mother or other female family members may also host the wedding shower, but it is not required. She will often help to plan aspects of the wedding and share a mother-son dance with the groom at the reception. She might also give a speech at the ceremony.

The term bridal can also describe the veil worn by a bride during her ceremony. Historically, brides would wear a large veil to cover their faces during the ceremony. A modern veil is less dramatic, but it still provides a covering to protect the bride from unwanted attention. The bride can choose a simple or elaborate style, depending on her preference. Typically, a bridal veil is made from white silk and decorated with flowers or jewels to match the bride’s dress.

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