A bride is a woman who has been engaged to be married or is celebrating her wedding day. She is usually accompanied by her maid of honour or matron of honor, and may have one or more bridesmaids. The term is often used to refer to a woman’s dress, but it also can be applied to the whole person. A bride is often described as radiant, stunning, enchanting, and glowing – words that convey a sense of her beauty and luminosity. In many cultures, the bride is adorned with flowers and other decorations to symbolise her happiness and beauty.

The word bride comes from the Old English bryd. It is related to the word for “feast,” and the original meaning was probably a celebratory meal for the bride’s family. It was also a time to honour her as she left home to start her new life with her groom.

It is common to begin a speech by complimenting the bride. She is likely to be thrilled to hear what her friends and family think of her, and it can give her a boost of confidence as she makes her entrance into the room. Try to be specific with your compliments – rather than saying she’s lovely, say that she’s gorgeous or that you love her smile.

You can also use this opportunity to compliment her partner if they are present. This can help to bring your words closer to the heart of your message and also shows that you care about their relationship. Describe the things you like about them and how they make each other better people. It could be anything from their humour to how well they work together or their generosity.

Alternatively, you could talk about how much they mean to you and use this as an opportunity to share a special memory. The bride will appreciate this gesture and it is a chance for you to let her know how important she is to your life.

If you’re unsure about how to phrase a compliment, it can be helpful to look at the reactions of other guests to get a feel for what is appropriate and appreciated. For example, if a bride’s jaw drops when she enters the room, this is an indication that she is indeed radiant and dazzling!

You should never criticise a bride or compare her to other brides. It can be awkward and can give the impression that you’re being snarky or judgemental. Similarly, it is inappropriate to mention any past relationships that the bride has had. This can be particularly sensitive for older brides who may have been through multiple marriages. It’s always best to focus on the positive aspects of their current relationship and wish them all the best for their future together.

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