Wedding Planning – Top 10 Tasks to Complete Before Your Big Day


A wedding is a ceremony where two people commit to a life together as husband and wife. It can be as simple as a Justice of the Peace ceremony with just a few guests or as elaborate as a religious celebration attended by hundreds of loved ones. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes.

Regardless of how you decide to celebrate your big day, there are certain tasks that every couple should complete before the celebration begins. To make your planning journey a little less stressful, we’ve consulted seasoned industry experts to share the tasks you should prioritize (and when to complete them).

Choose a venue

Whether your dream ceremony takes place in your backyard or at a five-star resort, this is one of the first tasks that every bride and groom must tackle. It’s a good idea to secure your venue at least a year in advance, so that vendors can accommodate you.

Create a budget

A budget can help you stay on track and avoid going overboard with your wedding expenses, and it’s crucial to create it before you start booking any major services. To make the process easier, we recommend using a tool like Canva to create a budget worksheet, which will automatically calculate your total expenses for you. Then, be sure to add a 5-10% buffer for unexpected expenses.

Hire a photographer

A quality wedding photograph will capture the magical moments from your special day, and it’s worth the investment. But don’t just select a photographer based on their prices alone; take the time to read reviews and look at their portfolio. It’s important to find a photographer who reflects your style and can deliver the kind of quality you want for your big day.

Decide who will be your entourage

Your maid of honor and best man are a given, but the rest of your bridal party (and the men in your groomsmen group) are just as important. These are the people who will be by your side from the rehearsal dinner through the moment you drive off into the sunset. They’re the people who will serve as your support system during good times and bad, so it’s important to pick them wisely.

Find the right officiant

Having an experienced celebrant conduct your ceremony will give your wedding a personalized touch and ensure all your loved ones understand your values and what makes your relationship unique. Plus, they can weave your love story and personal vows into a meaningful ritual that will be unforgettable for everyone in attendance.

Exchange rings

The ring exchange is a key part of any wedding ceremony and symbolizes your promise to each other that you’ll always be there for each other. During this portion of your ceremony, you’ll either take turns reciting individual vows or you’ll repeat the same promises in unison.

After you’ve exchanged your rings, it’s time for the ceremonial kiss. If you want to ensure that the moment looks perfect in photos, ask a maid of honor or a bridesmaid to lift your veil before the first kiss.

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