Planning a Bridal Shower


A bridal shower is a party hosted for the bride-to-be by her female friends and family. It is traditionally held before the wedding to give the bride-to-be an opportunity to receive gifts from her loved ones. The term “bridal shower” first became popular in the late 1800s, although the tradition itself is believed to date back to 16th century Holland. One popular story is that a girl’s father threatened to withhold her dowry if she married the village miller, so her friends showered her with gifts to help her start her new life.

Typically, the bride-to-be’s maid of honor and close female family members host the event. Other guests may include the bride’s co-workers, college roommates and best friends. The bride’s mother is also often present, as she is an important part of the planning process.

Bridal showers are generally afternoon events, with a start time between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. This allows for a variety of activities and gift giving, as well as enough time for everyone to get home before dinnertime. The bridal shower can be held at a restaurant, someone’s home or an event space.

In addition to games, the bride-to-be can expect to be pampered with food and drinks. Depending on the budget and size of the guest list, the bride-to-be can choose to provide appetizer platters or pizza, order catered food or have a potluck. Most showers are alcohol-inclusive, but the bride-to-be should be mindful of her upcoming wedding day and should consider serving non-alcoholic drinks as well.

If the bride-to-be is having a themed bridal shower, it’s a good idea to incorporate it into her invitations. This will allow her to keep track of her RSVPs and will ensure that all guests are aware of what she’s expecting from them. It’s also a good idea to ask the bride-to-be if she would prefer to receive a paper or electronic invitation.

Creating a bridal party bio is a fun way for the bride-to-be to get to know her future bridesmaids. The bio can be as simple or as detailed as the bride-to-be wants it to be. It’s a great opportunity for the bride-to-be to share some personal information about each member of her bridal party, such as how they met, their favorite hobbies or things to do and their personality.

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