A wedding is a ceremony that celebrates the union of two people. It may include rituals, music, poetry, prayers or readings from religious texts or literature and is usually followed by a reception. Wedding traditions and customs vary widely between cultures, ethnic groups, races, religions, denominations, countries and social classes. Most ceremonies involve an exchange of vows by the couple, presentation of rings and a blessing or proclamation of marriage by a recognized authority. Special wedding garments are often worn, and sometimes the ceremony includes a symbolic item such as an offering, money or flowers.

Traditionally, Jewish couples marry under a beautiful four-poled canopy structure called a chuppah. During the ceremony, you may be accompanied by your parents or your wedding party, or you can stand alone beneath the chuppah. Your officiant recite seven blessings and prayers over you, while family members and honored guests also recite verses from the ketubah—the marriage contract. You and your groom also drink wine from the same cup, symbolizing a shared life together.

While your wedding is the culmination of months of planning, it’s only the start of your new life together. Getting married is a big commitment, and it takes a lot of work to keep a marriage happy and healthy. But you can make it work for you, if both of you put in the effort.

The word “wedding” comes from the Latin noun for “feast” or “entertainment”. For many couples, a wedding is one of the most important celebrations in their lives and it’s a chance to honor their loved ones who share in their happiness.

In addition to the wedding, a reception is also a time for the newlyweds to enjoy the company of their friends and family. The food, drinks and music are a perfect way to celebrate the union of two people. Whether the couple is having a small dinner or an elaborate affair, there are many ways to customize the reception to their tastes and personalities.

It’s also a good idea to send out thank-you notes and reviews to your vendors after the wedding, so that they know how much you appreciate their hard work. This is also a great opportunity to ask for photos they may have taken throughout the evening so that you can add them to your wedding album.

If you’re combining bank accounts, changing your name or otherwise altering your financial situation after the wedding, take care of that as soon as possible. That way you don’t get too caught up in the excitement of your new life together and neglect the tasks that must be done to maintain your stability.

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