Wedding Bloggers and Bridal Showers

A bride is a woman who is getting married. She may be attended by a maid of honor or bridesmaids. She is usually wearing a white wedding dress, but other colors are also common. She is often accompanied by a flower girl and ring bearer (a boy who holds the wedding rings on a pillow down the aisle). The groom is typically attended by a best man or groomsmen.

A wedding is a big deal for any couple. It’s an opportunity to showcase their love for one another in front of family and friends. A lot of thought goes into selecting the perfect gown and suit, as well as coordinating the details. It’s a topic that many people are interested in, and a great place for a wedding blogger to shine.

While it’s true that the bride’s parents footed the bill for most of a traditional wedding in the past, costs are now typically shared between the couple, bride’s and groom’s families, and guests. That said, the bride’s parents are still a key factor in most of the planning. Traditionally, they host the first engagement party and help with the guest list. They may also offer to pay for certain items, like the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception, or contribute to some of the overall expenses.

Traditionally, a bridal shower gives women the chance to help build the bride-to-be’s trousseau, or collection of personal and intimate gifts, such as jewelry, lingerie, pampering and self-care products, and household items that will be used once she is married. While registry gifts are a popular choice, close friends and relatives can also choose to give the bride heirlooms or other special items. Some bridal showers are themed events, such as a tea party or brunch.

In addition to wedding dresses and accessories, bridal parties are typically given a number of other gifts, including toiletries, beauty products, cookware and kitchenware, and bedding. These types of gifts can be a fun way for guests to participate in the bride’s big day.

The ring bearer is traditionally a young boy who carries the wedding rings on a satin pillow (or symbolic rings, with the real ones being held by the maid of honor and best man down the aisle) to hand over to the bride and groom at the right moment during the ceremony. The ring bearer is usually a child between the ages of 3 and 12, and his or her parents arrange for his attire and transportation.

While this may not be the most romantic of wedding blog topics, it’s a good idea to include general articles about wedding attire on your site. This can help your audience find what they’re looking for, whether it’s an affordable wedding gown or the latest dress trends.

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