The Meaning of Bridal and How to Use It in Everyday Life

When you think of bridal, you probably think of a white dress that brides wear on their wedding day. But the word actually has a lot of different meanings, from a bridal shower to a wedding bouquet. Read on to learn more about the history of the word and find out how to use it in your everyday life!

Bridal, from the Latin term brida, means “bride,” or more generally “wedding.” It’s used to describe anything associated with a bride, from the bride’s gown to her bridal bouquet and even the flowers she holds on her wedding day. It’s also often used to refer to the bride herself, as in, “The bride is beautiful.”

The most common association with the word bridal is a bridal shower—an event before a wedding to celebrate the bride with her friends and family. Usually, the bride opens gifts at the event and the guests provide her with items she will need on her big day. The guest list typically includes close friends and family members of the bride, but can include anyone who is important to her.

If you’re planning a bridal shower, it’s important to give the bride-to-be plenty of notice so that she has time to purchase or acquire her gifts and plan her outfit. It’s also a good idea to have a theme for the event and keep in mind that some guests may have dietary restrictions.

A bridal shower is the perfect opportunity to get dressed up! The bride should wear a formal, pretty dress that fits her personality and sense of style. She should avoid wearing anything too short or revealing, as this could upstage her. She can opt for a pastel color, such as ivory or blush, or she can go bold with a bright shade of pink or yellow.

It’s a good idea for the bride to choose an outfit that complements her bridal gown or suits the theme of her bridal shower. She can pair a floral print or a pastel hue with neutral accessories, or she can go for an all-white look to really make a statement!

Whether you’re looking for a sexy little black dress or something completely bohemian, you can shop the best bridal looks online. Just don’t forget that you can always return any item if it doesn’t fit or you’re not happy with it.

Florals remain a perennial favorite in the bridal world. While there was definitely a hint of the over-the-top at some shows this season, other designers took a more subtle approach. Pre-Raphaelite vibes were strong at Cinq (along with a smoky candlelight effect) and Galia Lahav, while Nardos embroidered a white strapless gown with fuchsia foxgloves and Queen Anne’s lace.

Lebanese designer Elie Saab is a bridal star whose dresses are like fairytales come to life. Intricate lacework, beading, and embroidery adorn her designs to create masterpieces that will have you feeling like the heroine of your own love story.

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