5 Key Points to Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

A wedding dress is one of the most important purchases a bride makes. It’s not just a pretty piece of fabric to wear for a day; it’s often interpreted as a reflection of the bride’s cultural background and is worn to signify her commitment to her partner and their future together.

That’s why it’s important to understand what goes into making that perfect gown. When searching for your wedding dress, be sure to keep these key points in mind:

The Neckline

A wedding gown’s neckline is one of the most important parts of the garment as it’s what is most visible. The neckline is typically adorned with beautiful details like delicate lace, embroidered flowers or a sparkling crystal beaded necklace. This is also the part of the dress that helps determine what kind of look you are going for, whether it be a classic and simple design or something more bold and dramatic.


Sleeves are a wedding dress essential that can really make your outfit stand out. You can find sleeveless or long sleeve wedding dresses that are both elegant and chic. They are often made out of tulle, which adds a softness and romantic feel to the gown. Depending on the length, they can be worn with a wedding veil or as a statement accessory that will bring a touch of drama to any outfit.


There are a wide variety of wedding dress silhouettes to choose from that will flatter any body type. For example, a fit and flare gown is fitted from the bust to the waist, then slightly flares out at the bottom of the gown. It is a great alternative to a mermaid gown for shorter brides, as it’s easier to move around in and will still show off your stunning curves. A-line dresses are another option that are also fitted from the bust to the waist and then flare out at the bottom. They’re a great choice for apple shaped brides because they create balance with your lower half by adding volume around the hips.


A train is the part of your wedding dress that flows behind you as you walk down the aisle. The length of the train can make a big impact, with longer trains being more formal and dramatic while shorter ones, such as Watteau or sweep, barely graze the floor and are less formal. You can also choose to have a detachable train, which can be fastened with hooks or buttons and easily removed after the ceremony.

Lace and Embellishments

Lace is a feminine and romantic bridal fabric that has been popular for centuries. It is woven with different types of thread, and can come in many different shades and designs to enhance the look of a wedding dress. Embroidery, beads and sequins can be used to add even more detail and flair to a gown.

Before a wedding dress leaves the designer’s workshop, it’s fit and refitted numerous times to ensure that the gown fits perfectly. Eventually, it will be presented to wedding dress editors and buyers during Bridal Fashion Week for the first time.

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