A bride is a woman who is getting married. Her wedding is the culmination of days, weeks and even months of planning, ideas and hopes. She is often consumed by the details of her big day and is looking forward to sharing it with the people who are closest to her. This is her time to shine.

As she walks down the aisle, jaws will drop. She may be wearing a gown that looks like it was custom-designed just for her or she may simply radiate an inner beauty that is breathtaking. “Breathtaking” is a perfect word to describe the stunning beauty of a bride, as it evokes a sense of awe and wonder.

The term bride comes from the Old English word bryd. It’s also the root of many other Germanic words such as Dutch bruut and Middle Low German brut. The word reflects the fact that marriage is a sacred union between two people and is an honorable status within society. It’s also the word that best describes the inner beauty of a woman as she enters into her lifelong commitment to her husband.

A bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and bachelorette party are all a part of the preparations for the big day. Often, the bride will have maid or matron of honor to help her with tasks such as bustling the dress and affixing the veil. This is her chance to show off her talents and support her future spouse in a way that shows how much she cares.

Traditionally, the groom will pay a sum of money, livestock, goods or services to the family of the bride as a token of his love and respect for her. This is known as a dowry and is meant to ensure the couple will be taken care of financially after they are married. Occasionally, the bride will receive a gift from her parents that is more symbolic than financial.

The bride is a radiant, luminous beauty on her wedding day and she knows it. Her smile speaks to the confidence she feels as she stands in front of her fiance, ready to make his vows.

She is the belle of the ball and she knows it. Her eyes twinkle as she turns toward her best friend and family to see them all standing there to celebrate this momentous occasion. This is her moment and she will cherish it forever.

If you know the bride, then this is the day to tell her how beautiful she is inside and out. This is a heartfelt compliment that she will always remember. It doesn’t have to be about the wedding itself, it could be about how special she is to you and how amazing a friend they’ve been. Just make sure it’s sincere and genuine.

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