A bride is a woman who will be married. The word “bride” is also used to refer to the wedding ceremony itself. The bride may wear traditional clothing, such as white gowns in Western cultures, or she may wear her own national dress. She often wears a veil, and she may carry a bouquet or other gifts. In some cultures, the bride’s jewelry has a special meaning, such as the wedding rings in Western cultures, chura in Punjabi Sikh culture, or mangalsutra in Hindu culture. The bride may be accompanied by her maid of honor, matron of honor, or other bridal attendants.

A “maid of honor” is usually a sister or very close friend to the bride. She is the bride’s assistant and can help her with anything she needs on the day of the wedding, as well as throughout the planning process. The maid of honor is also the main contact for guests regarding wedding activities. The bride chooses how many bridesmaids she wants.

Traditionally, the maid of honor and her attendants would prepare the bride for her big day by giving her a bath and combing her hair. They may also help her pick out a wedding dress. The bridesmaids usually wear matching dresses, but the size of the bridal party is up to the bride.

The “bridegroom” is the man who will marry the bride. He may be the son of the bride’s father, brother of the bride’s father, or another relative. In the United States, the bridegroom may wear a tuxedo or a suit, and he and his groomsmen will traditionally give a toast before the ceremony.

Historically, the groom’s family gave the bride a dowry in exchange for her acceptance of marriage. This dowry was meant to ensure that the bride would be cared for and protected in her new home. Today, the dowry is usually a gift of cash or property. In some countries, the dowry is still given to the bride’s parents.

It’s appropriate to compliment the bride on her stunning beauty, especially if she is wearing an extravagant gown. A simple compliment will brighten her smile. You can say something like, “Your dress is so beautiful, and I can’t believe how elegant it is!” You could also tell her that you admire the way she and the groom work together as a team. Or, you could comment on a reception detail that you particularly love, such as the flowers, table assignments, or cake. Lastly, it’s important to thank the bride for being such a great friend. This will strengthen the bond between you.

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