How to Use Your Honeymoon to Build a Foundation For Your Marriage


Honeymoon is a beautiful thing, whether it’s your first trip as a newly married couple or a re-awakening of passion in an established relationship. It’s a time to relax, enjoy each other, and set intentions for your life together as spouses. But it’s also a time to be adventurous, try new things, and explore your surroundings. Using your honeymoon to do all of these things will help you create a foundation for your marriage that lasts a lifetime.

For many couples, their wedding was the beginning of a serious diet, exercise, and lifestyle regime. And though these things are important to maintaining a healthy and happy marriage, your honeymoon is the perfect time to let it all go. It’s a time to pamper yourself, eat what you want, and have fun. Whether it’s a spa treatment, ordering room service for breakfast in bed, or taking a stroll on the beach, there are so many ways to make your honeymoon romantic and relaxing.

It’s a Time to Be Intimate

While you can certainly be intimate at home, there’s something about being far away in a beautiful setting that fosters intimacy. Plus, research shows that the love hormones dopamine and norepinephrine are released when you kiss, hug, cuddle, and engage in other forms of physical touch. The result is that the fabled butterflies in the stomach are actually caused by these chemicals.

During your honeymoon, take time to be in each other’s arms, read a book side-by-side, or watch the sunset. This will help you develop a closer bond and build a foundation for your marriage. You can also use your honeymoon to learn about each other’s interests by exploring the cities you visit or trying new activities. If you’re planning a trip to New York City, for example, you could take a food tour, see a Broadway show, and enjoy the museum scene.

The History of the Honeymoon

While the term honeymoon only dates back to the mid-16th century, it is believed that most cultures throughout much of human history have had some sort of “honeymoon” period following a wedding. During this time, the bride and groom withdraw from family and friends to spend some quality time with each other.

While it’s easy to focus on the fun and romance of your honeymoon, remember that your marriage is the most important thing and it will take work to keep the spark alive. After all, even the most loving and supportive relationships can get a little “rusty” over time. But this doesn’t have to be the case for you and your new husband or wife. By taking some simple steps, you can make your honeymoon special and raise the bar on passion in your marriage all year round. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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