How to Decorate a Bridal Shower

If you’re a bride-to-be, you may be overwhelmed with advice on how to plan your big day. From choosing a venue and a menu to selecting favors and a photographer, there are many steps to take. One important step is deciding on the décor. It can be a fun way to set the tone of the event and showcase your personal style. Whether you’re following a specific theme or simply want to add some pretty floral and balloon installations, we have plenty of ideas.

While we all know the term bridal means bride, you might not have considered what it’s actually derived from: bridle, which refers to the reins that restrain a horse. From there, the meaning of the word morphed into an adjective that describes something beautiful and cherished. As a result, the word bridal has become synonymous with weddings and the bride. And so, we wanted to celebrate the beauty of a bride by sharing our favorite bridal-themed ideas and tips for planning a picture-perfect soiree.

A bridal shower is a pre-wedding party that celebrates the soon-to-be-weds and their relationship. It’s one of the most popular pre-wedding events and provides an opportunity for guests to show their love and support for the bride-to-be. It’s also a great time to get together with close friends and family, bond over inside jokes, and make new memories.

The tradition of hosting a bridal shower dates back centuries and is believed to have originated from earlier dowry practices, when poor women’s families might not be able to afford the dowry required for marriage. Friends would gather to gift the bride with items to help her start her life as a wife. This practice is still very much alive today.

While it’s perfectly acceptable to throw a bridal shower for any woman, it’s typically hosted by the maid of honor or bridesmaids and not the bride’s mother or future mother-in-law. Historically, this was to avoid making the event seem like a competition for gifts or giving off the impression that only certain people were asked to host. However, it’s now more common than ever for anyone to hold a bridal shower for a friend or relative.

A crossword puzzle is a fun bridal shower activity that lets guests learn more about the bride and groom. You can find a variety of printable puzzles online or ask the couple to create their own. You can even have the bride and groom answer questions in an interview-style format.

Another way to personalize your bridal shower is to include a timeline of the bride and groom’s relationship milestones. Kloi and Patrick did this on their wedding website and included pictures for each date.

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