Bridal traditions began as early as Roman times. A wedding banquet involved drinking ale. The bridegroom was the newly married man. There was also a custom of throwing grains of wheat over the bride. Later, these grains were cooked and made into thin biscuits. These are now known as oatmeal cakes. Today, this custom is still popular in some parts of Scotland.

In traditional weddings, the groom’s parents paid for most of the expenses associated with the wedding. These days, these costs are usually shared among the bride’s and groom’s families. The bride’s parents typically host the first engagement party, help with the guest list, and offer moral support. In addition, the bride’s mother often decides on the wedding gown and informs the groom’s mother about her decision.

When planning a bridal shower, make sure to consider the venue and the budget. Some people like to give a large gift at the shower, while others would rather save it for the wedding. In either case, make sure to inform the bride-to-be and bring a card. It will make the occasion more memorable for the bride-to-be.

Bridal showers often include games and meals. The bride can open her gifts in front of her guests, or she can wait until after the reception is over. Bridal showers can also include a calligraphy session or a spa day. Games can include making wedding costumes out of toilet paper. If the bride is too nervous to open her gifts, you can hold the opening until after the shower is over.

Besides the bride, the bridesmaids are important for the wedding party. These women are the bride’s best friends or sisters. They provide moral support and make sure everything is perfect for her big day. As well, they will walk in the procession and the recessional with the bride. They also help with the dress sitting and veil. A bridesmaid may give a speech or present a reading during the ceremony.

Traditionally, the bridal trousseau was kept in a cedar chest, handmade box, or trunk. It was a treasured possession that was passed down through the family. Today, it may come in a sleek travel chest or steamer trunk. It may contain items for the wedding, including bridal shoes, bridal jewelry, and a wedding morning robe.

Bridal parties vary in size. A bridal party may consist of close friends, family members, or others chosen by the bride. The bride usually chooses these people to help her on the wedding day. The wedding party can include any number of people, from one to hundreds. There is no set number of members, but each person plays a role in the wedding.

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