What You Need to Know About a Wedding


A wedding is a religious or secular ceremony that brings together a couple to become husband and wife. It also marks the beginning of a family and the building block of society. Marriage is a major commitment that requires the couple to be supportive and tolerant of each other, even in times of trouble or hardship. Regardless of how the ceremony is structured, it always includes an exchange of vows and rings and often includes some form of celebration or reception. Wedding traditions vary widely across cultures, ethnic groups, religions, denominations, countries, social classes, and sexual orientations.

The word “wedding” is used to describe the ceremony in many cultures, though it may be referred to as a solemnization, an annunciation, or a declaration of commitment. It may involve a formal signing of legal documents, exchange of gifts, or a public proclamation by an authority figure or celebrant. Some wedding ceremonies include music, poetry, prayers, a special ring, or a symbolic item.

Depending on the culture and traditions of the couple, the ceremony can take place in a church, mosque, synagogue, temple, or other venue. It may be an intimate affair with family and close friends or a large gathering of extended relatives and friends. The ceremony may begin with readings from the Scriptures, including one from the Old Testament and the New Testament, and a responsorial psalm that the guests will repeat. After these, designated members of the wedding party or family will be given gifts—usually rings and/or money—and offer them to the altar as a sacrifice.

Following this, the couple will recite their vows. Depending on the couple, these could be written or personalized and may include traditional words of commitment such as: “In sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, till death do us part.” The ring exchange follows this and is a symbol of the couple’s commitment to each other.

The day of the wedding, it’s important to get enough rest and have a good breakfast. It’s also a good time to do any last minute touch-ups such as tying up loose ends from the registry, writing thank you cards, or creating a photo album. A quick checklist of what needs to be done can help prevent any last minute stress. Lastly, remember to breathe and try to enjoy every moment of this magical day!

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