What to Expect at a Wedding


If you’re not a member of the wedding party, it isn’t your place to crack jokes at the couple’s expense. The speech should be focused on highlighting the couple’s journey together and how they’ll be a better match because of their union. The speech should also provide a glimpse into the couple’s personality. It’s a good idea to write your speech ahead of time and have someone else review it for you for tone, content and flow.

In addition to sharing important information about the couple, a speech will typically offer advice on marriage. The officiant may also share thoughts about love and how it’s essential to stay strong through tough times. They may even talk about their own experiences and lessons they’ve learned.

The couple will then exchange their vows. These could be written or traditional, but they should express the deep commitment and devotion the couple feel for each other. This is an emotional moment for many couples.

After the bride and groom exchange their vows, they will then place rings on each other’s fingers. This symbolizes their eternal love for each other and shows that they’re now a married couple.

Before the couple ties the knot, their loved ones will line up to give them blessings and good wishes. This is an important ceremony because it honors the couple’s family and friends who have helped them get to where they are today.

During this portion of the ceremony, designated guests and family members will read readings from their favorite books or other sources. This is a wonderful way to involve more people in the ceremony, especially if they can’t make it into the bridal party.

After the readings are shared, it’s time for the wedding procession. The bride and groom will then walk back down the aisle together. The processional music is typically Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D or something similar. However, some Brides and Grooms are choosing to add their own twist to the procesional by walking down to songs they love or hold sentimental value for them. This is becoming more and more popular. The newlyweds are usually accompanied by their flower girls or ring bearers, best man and maid or matron of honor, as well as their parents and grandparents.

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