The word wedding is used to describe a ceremony that marks the beginning of a union between two people. The couple exchanges vows and rings in front of family and friends and witnesses the promise they make to each other. The marriage contract is legally binding, and the ceremony provides an opportunity to share special moments in a beautiful setting.

The couple also may decide to incorporate rituals into the ceremony. These can be symbolic and include hand fasting, lighting a candle, pouring sand together, ring warming by guests, jumping the broom, drinking from one cup or a dove release. These can be traditional or come from the couple’s own imagination.

Traditionally, the bride handles many of the wedding details, including live casino choosing the bridesmaids and honor attendants and buying them gifts. She also plans and hosts a bridal shower, helps with the guest list, and buys a gift for groom. Grooms take on more duties, such as making sure his family compiles a guest list and arranges and pays for the officiant’s fee, the cake, food, drinks and hotel rooms for out-of-town guests. He also chooses his best man, hosts a groomsmen’s luncheon, and buys his best man and the bride a gift.

If the couple has children, they must make a decision about whether to share custody of them or keep them from each other until they are adults. They must decide how they will raise their children in a religious context and decide how to handle money, property, and other decisions about their life together. They also must agree on how they will handle conflict and disagreements and the extent to which they will seek outside help.

In some cultures, a marriage can last for several weeks with family and friends supporting the couple’s lavish lifestyles while they celebrate. The bride is a center of attention and usually tries to grab the spotlight from everyone in attendance, especially when she wears a long white dress.

The most important part of the ceremony is when the couple exchanges their vows in front of the guests. They should spend a lot of time writing them and practicing them so they sound natural in the emotionally charged atmosphere of their big day. They should not rely on premade templates or use inside jokes that will bore their guests.

After the couple has completed their vows, the officiant pronounces them married and turns to the crowd for a recessional. The couple leads the way down the aisle and is congratulated by the guests as they celebrate their new lives together. Once the ceremony is over, couples often travel to their reception venue for dancing, food and drinks. While some couples hire a DJ for entertainment, most people choose to use their own personal music. The most popular songs for a reception include classic love songs and upbeat dance tunes. In addition to music, some couples hire a band or even a mariachi band.

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