A bride is a woman who is engaged to be married. She is often dressed in a white wedding dress on her special day, although it can be any color.

Her mother is also a part of the bridal party, but her primary role is to provide support and encouragement. She may help her daughter with preparations for the wedding and will usually take part in the wedding ceremony. Her father plays a smaller role, but he is often involved in the wedding in other ways.

She may also be the main source of financial support for her husband and children. She is often the one to pay for their clothes, food, and other needs while they are living together. She can also be the one to pay for a honeymoon or other expenses.

The groom can make a bride price or marriage payment to her family in order to show his commitment to the future wife and secure her loyalty to him. This has become an important ritual in many countries worldwide, especially in the South and Southeast Asia.

It is believed that the tradition of bride price was developed as a response to women’s limited role in household responsibilities. In many patriarchal societies, men have a leadership role in the household and are the main breadwinners, while women are often expected to perform the duties of support workers for the family. In such communities, bride prices are seen as a way to protect the new spouse from the threat of poverty.

A bride’s family might also be responsible for her clothing and other needs in the months leading up to the wedding. She might also be given a gift or money to help her prepare for the big day.

She will also have a maid of honor or a matron of honor who will help her with all the planning and other duties that are associated with a wedding. They are also responsible for helping with the bridal shower and bachelorette party.

Depending on the age and gender of her groom, a bride can have one to three bridesmaids. The bridesmaids are typically young girls who will have a significant role in her life and in her wedding.

They are expected to wear dresses that are appropriate for the occasion and help with the logistics of the bridal party. They also help with preparations for the bridal shower and bachelorette party, which can include addressing invitations, shopping for gifts, and setting up decorations.

Your bridesmaids are there to support your bride, so you should give them plenty of praise and appreciation for their hard work. The details of their work are often overlooked, so call out the things they have done that were particularly thoughtful and unique – it will make their job easier.

If they worked hard to get the right look, be sure to tell her how beautiful she looks in her dress! The last thing she wants is for you to point out her flaws, so be kind and genuinely compliment her.

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