What is a Bridal Shower?


Generally speaking, a bridal shower is a gift-giving party for a bride-to-be. It is typically held in the United States or Canada. The main purpose of the event is to provide the bride-to-be with gifts, financial assistance and goods for her future home. This type of party originated in the 1890s.

Historically, weddings were a union between two people or two families. However, the Middle Ages saw weddings that were a union between two countries. It was also possible for a marriage to occur between two business partners.

In ancient Athenian culture, a marriage was made official by a feast and a torch-lit procession. The bride was usually given a quince fruit to bite into. The bride-cup was a bowl used for spiced wine. After drinking, the bride-cup was broken underfoot. The bride-cup was usually made of gold, silk or lace. It was also used to bind rosemary sprigs that were usually worn at weddings.

In medieval times, weddings were more of a matter of politics than love. They often involved two families, two countries or two businesses. A bride was expected to dress in a manner that would cast her family in the best light. In the early twentieth century, brides often wore darker colors. However, by the late nineteenth century, white became the de rigueur wedding color.

During the Middle Ages, a bride was expected to wear an expensive wedding dress. When she could afford it, she would wear gold or blue. Wealthy brides often wore layers of silk or velvet. In modern times, a bride usually wears white or ivory. The bride also gives thank you gifts to the attendants.

A bride’s mother is usually involved in the planning of her wedding. In addition to selecting the dress, she may also be the one who helps the bride make her guest list. The groom’s parents may also help the bride make her guest list. They are also responsible for paying for the wedding ceremony, the wedding license, the officiant fee and the marriage license.

The father of the bride is usually responsible for walking the bride down the aisle. He may also walk her down the aisle with the mother of the bride. In some families, a bride will have a “first look” with her father before the wedding. This is often a good opportunity for the bride and father to spend time together before the ceremony.

The bride’s father usually plays a smaller role in the wedding process than the mother of the bride. He may be involved in the rehearsal dinner, the bachelor/bachelorette party or the father-daughter dance. He may also help settle any bills that may have been owed by vendors.

Although the term “bride” has its origins in the Old English brydealo, it has evolved into a general descriptive word. The word’s origins come from the Old English word “bride-ale” or “wedding-ale.” The word was also associated with the noun “bride + ale” (the noun form of the verb “to be married”), which referred to a wedding banquet. The term “bride-ale” is the oldest and most well-established feast.

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