A bridal party is a group of people involved in a wedding ceremony. These include the bride, groom, and their attendants. There are also groomsmen, ring bearers, and flower girls. In addition, the bride may choose to have a garter. The bridal bouquet is an arrangement of flowers carried by the bride during the ceremony.

Historically, a bridal party consisted of a bride’s maid and groom’s maid. While the traditional bridesmaid was the spiffy sis, many brides today opt to have a male friend or family member act as the head of the bridesmaids.

A bridal retinue was a calculated assemblage of people to represent a family’s social status. Brides of the Middle Ages often donned a flammum, a large yellow veil. Wealthy brides often wore layers of velvet and fur.

Another very old-school wedding ritual was the throwing of wheat. During this time, young girls gathered outside of the church porch to toss grains of wheat at the bride. Today, the wheat is replaced by small rectangular cakes. This tradition is not uncommon at the British royal weddings.

Bridal robes, or gowns, were originally designed by Nicolo da Bologna. It was not long before the white gown was born. Queen Victoria was the first to be married in a white gown.

Weddings were often a marriage of convenience or business. Some people would marry across state lines or even two countries. They were often an opportunity for a wealthy couple to showcase their wealth. For this reason, the bridal retinue tended to be very large.

Traditionally, the wedding lasted all day. A reception was held in the evening. Wedding banquets were a way of showing appreciation to the people involved in the wedding. Nowadays, the party is often very formal. Although, it is possible to get married in the privacy of your own home.

One of the most important tasks in planning a wedding is choosing the right dress. In modern times, the formal wedding dress is often only worn once. If the bride is a member of the military, her family might consider a less formal option. Alternatively, the bride might wish to wear a dress designed for a more casual event.

The best way to determine the correct dress for you is to ask a few friends or relatives. You can also visit a few bridal stores to see what you like. Make sure to check out the prices and what the staff has to say about the dresses. Also, make sure to do your research before going to a bridal show. Taking the time to learn what you can about the vendors at a show can save you a lot of money down the road.

Other notable items include the wedding ring, the bridal scepter, and a garter. Most modern brides would be remiss to ignore these. Traditionally, the scepter was a gilt coronet worn by Jewish brides. As for the ring, modern brides are likely to find a more affordable option in a diamond engagement ring.

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