What Goes Into Bridal?


While many of us think of wedding dresses when we hear the word “bridal,” there’s much more to bridal than just gowns. From veils and jewelry to hair and makeup, the bride’s entire look is considered part of her bridal ensemble. The bridal party also typically wears matching bridal attire to support the happy couple—think bridesmaid dresses and shoes, flower crowns and bouquets, and groomsmen ties and cufflinks. With so many details to consider, planning the right pre-wedding celebrations can be a lot of work. To help you understand what exactly goes into bridal and how to plan the perfect event, we spoke with etiquette expert Diane Gottsman.

The bridal ring is a symbol of love and commitment that a couple makes to one another. It’s worn until the ceremony, when it’s joined by the wedding ring to form an official bond of marriage. While a few people choose to wear only one ring throughout their lives, most brides-to-be add the other as soon as they get engaged.

A wedding dress is often the most expensive item of clothing a woman will ever purchase, so it’s no wonder that many brides want to take extra care with their special piece of fashion. From storing it in a protective box to washing it with cold water and mild detergents, there are many ways to keep your bridal wardrobe in tip-top shape.

In addition to keeping your bridal dress clean, you should always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. These tips are especially important if your gown is made from delicate materials like lace or tulle. A well-cared-for wedding dress will stay beautiful and in great condition for years to come.

A long, flowing train is a classic touch for a wedding dress, and it can also make the bride appear elegant and sophisticated. However, a wedding train can be difficult to maneuver around tables and other guests during the reception. To solve this problem, a bustle is a set of hooks, buttons or ribbons sewn onto the back of a gown that can be fastened to shorten the train, making it easier for the bride to walk and enjoy her night.

When selecting a bridal gown, it’s important to have an open mind and try on a variety of styles. You may find that a style you thought you wouldn’t like ends up being the one for you. It’s also helpful to keep in mind your budget and what you’re comfortable wearing.

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