Wedding Mission Statements and Traditions


As the wedding approaches, it is important to have a clear vision of what you want. Your wedding mission statement should include all the aspects of your big day, from the food and cake to the ceremony. The goal is to create a special wedding that embodies your values. Some ideas include hiring a mentalist, hiring former President Barack Obama to officiate, and reading loving messages from friends and family. You might also include a religious ceremony or include a dog witnessing the marriage.

Your wedding vows can be written or traditional, and should be romantic and heartfelt. If you plan to share a first kiss, make it dramatic and memorable! After the ceremony, you can celebrate your new life together at the reception. If you are Catholic, you may want to have a Catholic priest help you choose your wedding vows. Protestants, on the other hand, may have their own wedding vows.

Another tradition of a wedding is the tradition of giving the bride away. The tradition began in ancient times, when women carried fragrant bunches of flowers to ward off plague and evil spirits. Today, most brides choose a flower arrangement that represents their tastes. The bridesmaids often wore clothing similar to hers, as a way to confuse any evil spirits.

The order of events of the wedding is another important part of the planning process. While no two weddings are exactly the same, most follow a standard order of events. However, a bride can tailor the order of events to match her style and make the day truly special. She may choose to incorporate religious or cultural traditions, such as the raising of the fist during the first kiss, or she may opt to have a more informal ceremony.

While the mother of the bride usually takes center stage, the mother of the groom also has an important role. The mother can help the groom get ready, host the event, and even give the bride a speech at the reception. The father of the bride does not typically have as many formal duties, but can still play a role in the wedding.

While choosing a wedding party is an important decision, make sure to consider the person’s relationship with you and the personalities of the people on the list. It is best to include your best friends, siblings, and other close family members. The members of the wedding party will be there to support you during the planning and execution of the ceremony.

A tradition that can be carried over from one culture to another is the tossing of rice. In ancient times, tossing rice meant fertility and prosperity. However, it is believed to harm birds. However, this tradition has been proven to be false and other items have been substituted for the rice.

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