Wedding Dresses – History and Symbolism

wedding dress

Wedding dresses are a unique article of clothing worn for a single occasion. Since ancient times, weddings have held great importance and a bride’s dress is often completely different from her everyday attire. A wedding dress’ color, style, and accessory choices may have particular symbolism, depending on the culture and traditions of the bride’s family. Read on to find out more about the wedding dress’ history and meaning. Listed below are a few popular wedding dress styles.

Traditionally, wedding dresses were floor-length, but the hemlines of these gowns were less prominent than they are today. The wedding dress of the era was made of finer fabric and featured elaborate embellishments. A large number of 1970s brides wore elaborate embroidered dresses with beading, lace, and ruffles. These dresses also featured flowing veils. Whether a bride wears a traditional gown or a more modern design, there is sure to be a dress that matches the wedding day.

While white wedding dresses were traditionally the color of a bride’s first marriage, different colors were permitted for subsequent marriages. However, it was not until the nineteenth century when Queen Victoria and Prince Albert married in 1840 that white wedding gowns became the norm for brides. Brides in richer families wore white wedding dresses. In the nineteenth century, however, brides were more free to wear gold, blue, or red – or any other color they deemed best!

A bride’s dress should be tailored to her body shape. The fit of her wedding gown should complement the venue and the level of formality of the wedding. If you’re planning a casual backyard wedding, a full satin ballgown may not be the best choice. And remember to keep your comfort in mind, as an uncomfortable dress will show up in photos. So make sure to choose the right dress for the wedding venue and the weather.

Wedding dress shopping online doesn’t have to be as intimidating as you think! If you do your research and sign up for email lists from bridal boutiques in your area, you should be able to find a gorgeous wedding dress for an affordable price. Moreover, online wedding dress shopping isn’t as difficult as you think, because reputable websites offer exceptional customer service. Just be aware of red flags, such as poor customer reviews and unprofessional responses from the business.

Measure your body and waist before purchasing your wedding dress. Although wedding dresses don’t have universal size charts, a bride can use a bridal size chart to figure out the right fit. To ensure the perfect fit, it’s best to wear undergarments with your wedding dress. You can also take measurements of your waist and bust. You should also consider the length of your waist and hips. For the best fit, choose one size larger than you usually wear in clothing.

The history of wedding dresses stretches back over many centuries. Throughout history, brides have been putting great thought into their appearance. From ancient Egypt to medieval Europe, weddings were not simply unions between two people, but also between families, businesses, and even countries. In many cases, weddings were more about politics than love, and the bride was expected to represent her family and her social class. While wedding dresses are no longer strictly traditional, they are still important and should reflect a bride’s personality.

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