The father of the bride traditionally plays a smaller role during the engagement and wedding planning phase. On the day of the wedding, however, he plays a significant role. Many families opt for a “first look” with the bride, so the father and daughter can spend time together. He often walks the bride down the aisle and gives her away at the altar, or even participates in the father-daughter dance. While the bride’s parents generally foot the bill for the wedding, the groom’s parents take on many extra tasks as well.

The bride and her closest friends will host the bridal shower. The bride’s mother will usually contribute financially, so the bridesmaids will help with the costs. The bride’s parents may also help with the cost of the shower, offering to pay for specific items. The bridal shower is one of the few events that the entire bridal party can attend. Guests should be invited six weeks in advance to avoid confusion about where to find the venue. There are several types of bridal shower parties.

Choosing the perfect location and time for your bridal portraits can make a world of difference. While a studio setting is the traditional venue, modern brides are opting for outdoor photos that evoke a sense of atmosphere and romance. Some wedding venues are even willing to host bridal portrait sessions so the bride can select the perfect location. A bridal portrait session should be a fun and memorable experience for both of you! It’s a time to get to know your photographer and communicate your vision for your bridal portraits.

While the shower is meant to be fun, there’s nothing wrong with sending a thank-you note to the guests. It’s still okay to give a gift to the hosts of the shower, as well. After all, they’ve spent money on being a bridesmaid. It is only fitting that they help celebrate this milestone. So, be sure to follow these rules and have a memorable bridal shower! You’ll be glad you did.

Another unique gift idea for a bride is a reusable home cleaning set. This gift set will make her life so much easier after the wedding, allowing her to use the items she already has. One set includes a hand soap and several different surface cleaners. A good all-purpose spray from Blueland is also highly recommended. Cleaning experts recommend this gift for brides with varying tastes. In addition to the wedding rings, wedding gifts that the bride can take with her can also be thoughtful.

While wedding-day photos are important, bridal portraits are an intimate test run for the bride’s final look. While the engagement shoot is important, the bridal portraits give the bride ample opportunity to practice her final look and feel comfortable with the photographer. Bridal portraits may even be more enjoyable for a portrait photographer than the wedding day! A great photo session will help to make the memories of your wedding a memory to treasure for the rest of her life.

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