Traditional Bridal Gowns and Bridal Showers


Many cultures have their own traditions when it comes to wedding garb. In Korea, for example, a bride’s gown is often white. The white color was popularized by the Western culture, which colonized weddings throughout the world. But not all cultures are as traditional as Korea. In fact, traditional African wedding garb is still common throughout the continent. The Ndebele people of South Africa, for example, wear beaded necklaces, sashes, and a trailing beaded train, or Nyoga, which hangs from the bride’s shoulders and trails in a snakelike motion. However, Western style weddings are increasingly popular, especially in urban areas, where it’s more common to rent a high-priced car, a matching bridesmaid dress, and other modern conveniences.

The groom’s parents are also a vital part of the wedding. Many couples opt not to have a rehearsal dinner, but they are usually invited, and they may be able to help with various aspects of the wedding. For example, they may help with the guest list and provide moral support during the wedding preparation process. The groom’s parents might also contribute to the bride’s expenses. Brides rely heavily on their parents. The bride’s mother will often pick out the bride’s wedding attire and inform the groom’s mother of the choice.

The Western bride has gone through several changes over the centuries, with the changes brought about by the industrial revolution and the marriage of Queen Victoria. These changes were brought about by new technologies, such as photography and illustrated magazines. However, there are many myths and superstitions associated with this time period, and these have become part of the ceremony. In Western cultures, brides have traditionally worn white wedding gowns, which is in contrast to the softer colors and pastel-colored gowns of other cultures.

A wedding shower is a formal gathering that traditionally involves gift-giving. This occasion is usually hosted by the bridal party or a friend of the bride. In many cases, the bride’s maid of honor and bridesmaids share the cost, with the mother of the groom often contributing financially or offering to pay for specific items. This way, a bridal shower is a great way to celebrate the upcoming marriage! For more information, visit Martin Busch Jewelers today.

A traditional wedding ceremony may include a bride in her wedding dress, a ring, and a flower arrangement. During ancient Athenian weddings, a bride wore a long robe and a girdle, which signified her loss of virginity. In addition to the bride’s wedding dress, her future spouse and her attendants attended her, as did her maids and groomsmen. But even before the early 20th century, women wore darker-colored wedding gowns.

The concept of a bridal shower has roots in Dutch folklore, which tells how a wealthy woman fell in love with a pig farmer. Her disapproving father threatened to withhold her dowry, but her friends and family surrounded her with gifts. Those gifts provided the bride with something to carry into her new marriage. Hence, the bridal shower was born. Today, it’s still a popular tradition among newlyweds.

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