The Old Fashioned Bridal Shower


Traditionally, the bridal shower is a gathering of close female friends and relatives who provide gifts for the bride to-be. It is usually a pre-wedding event, but can also be held in place of a bridal party shower. Usually, the shower is a fun and festive gathering and includes games and finger foods.

In ancient times, the bride-cup was a bowl of spiced wine. A flamum, the large yellow veil, was also worn by brides. A bride-ale was also a feast, and was the oldest and most established of the many.

The ring bearer is typically a boy or girl between the ages of three and twelve. He or she carries the wedding rings and delivers a speech during the reception. In modern times, the bride may choose a male friend or brother to be her head attendant. The bridesmaid is an auxiliary lady who assists the bride during getting ready hours and attends pre-wedding events. These auxiliary ladies help the bride choose the best bridal dress and accessories. They also provide refreshments during these times.

The bride-cup isn’t the only thing that can be considered the “old fashioned.” Wedding cakes are the oldest form of food that can be eaten during a wedding. During the Middle Ages, wheat ears were used as a ceremonial item at a wedding. The bride’s coronet was a gilt one and was worn by Jewish brides. It was also used to bind rosemary sprigs.

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