The Meaning of the Word “Bride”

The word bride is most often used to refer to a woman who is about to get married. The woman’s future spouse is typically referred to as the groom. A bride may be attended by a maid of honor or a group of bridesmaids. She is often adorned in white at her wedding.

The term is derived from the Germanic words “bryd” and “bruthiz”. It means “woman who is married”. Historically, marriage has been an important social institution for the stability of society. It has always been a sacred commitment between two people. It was never meant to be an easy road. It is a journey that moves both individuals toward greater contentment and self-realization. It is a process of growing together that enables them to share their gifts with each other, their families and the world.

It is a promise to love and support each other through thick or thin. It is a bond that holds one another accountable to their promises because they are held by the people who witnessed them. A bride and groom will rely on the love they feel for each other, as well as the love they receive from friends and family, to help them weather the difficult times. A successful marriage requires that both parties work hard to make it a priority and dedicate themselves fully to the relationship.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for coming today to celebrate BRIDE and GROOM’S union in marriage. We are honored to be your guests and witness your commitment to build a lifelong partnership based on mutual respect, trust and love. We hope that the love you have for each other, and the love shared by all those here in this room, will sustain and strengthen your marriage as you grow together and grow into your best selves.

The most important thing for a couple getting married is the vows they make to each other. Whether you have 50 or 500 people attend your ceremony, it is equally important that you remember to take the time to focus on the vows and what they mean to you. If you are looking for a place to say your vows with a tropical vibe, we would be honored to host you here at Lucy Can’t Dance. Please contact us for more information!

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