The Bridal Shower – A Time-Honored Tradition


Bridal showers are a traditional and time-honored part of weddings. Traditionally, the event takes place in the couple’s early weeks before the wedding. This gives them a chance to socialize with friends and family and receive gifts. They also allow the bride and groom to have fun together and spend time getting to know each other.

In some cases, there can be two bridal showers. In such a scenario, the first party is for the bride and the second is for the groom. The bride can have a bachelorette party in the days following her bridal shower. There are a number of activities to choose from at the party, including a spa day and a calligraphy lesson. A few options for bridal shower decorations include pretty floral arrangements and a picture-perfect backdrop for photos.

Although the tradition of the bridal shower originated in ancient times, it has not necessarily been rooted in the provision of goods for the future home. Instead, the history of the bridal shower is more rooted in the financial assistance given to ensure a successful wedding.

In the early days, the bride’s parents typically footed most of the wedding expenses. But today, the parents of the groom are likely to be the ones to foot the bill. It is also common for the father of the bride to walk the bride down the aisle.

Typically, the bride’s parents also provide moral support to the couple during the planning stages of their marriage. For example, the mother of the bride may be the one who makes the guest list. And the groom’s mother might be the one who picks the gown and other formalwear.

In the United Kingdom, the bridal shower is a time-honored tradition. However, it has limited acceptance in the United States and other parts of the world. Most bridal showers are daytime events. Usually, a few sisters, close friends and co-workers attend, with a guest list of at least 10 to 50 people. Guests are asked to bring a gift, whether it is a sachet of perfume or a bouquet of flowers.

The best present to give at a bridal shower is something useful that the bride and groom can use around the house. Some examples are a personalised wine glass, an engraved cutting board, or a pair of matching mugs. Alternatively, there are a number of inexpensive and customised items that can be bought to add a personal touch to the celebration. These can include chocolate coins, personalized mugs, and a cutting board engraved with the wedding date and the name of the couple.

One of the most popular activities at a bridal shower is the giving of gifts. Normally, the bride and groom select the presents, but they are sometimes displayed at the ceremony. Those who decline the invitation do not have to send a gift, though they are expected to make a show of showing their appreciation.

During the bridal shower, the bride and groom may be introduced to a few games. They may also be given the opportunity to open a few of the presents they were given. Depending on the theme of the shower, there might be a game of gift bingo, gift opening, or a photo booth.

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