Planning a Wedding and Bridal Portraits


When planning a wedding, the father of the bride often plays a smaller role than the mother of the bride. The father of the bride has several roles to play on the wedding day, including giving the bride away at the altar and walking her down the aisle. Often, the father and bride share the father-daughter dance. During the run-up to the wedding, the father of the bride may participate in a “first look,” where they can spend time together.

In addition to a traditional studio shoot, a bride can also choose to have her bridal portraits taken outside, allowing a more personal touch. To ensure the perfect portraits, have your dress professionally cleaned, and confirm that all alterations will be completed by the wedding date. If you plan to get hair or beauty treatments, start these in time. Moreover, if you want the same color as your wedding day, be sure to start these services well before your wedding day.

When planning a bridal shower, consider the number of guests you want to invite. You will want to invite close family and friends, but not guests who are not invited to the wedding. Also, consider the size of your venue. Most bridal showers are female-only, though couples showers are becoming increasingly popular. The invitation will indicate whether guests are male or female, and will be sent about four to six weeks prior to the actual wedding. For more information, see planning a bridal shower.

Before booking a bridal session, consider whether you’ll feel comfortable posing in front of a camera. If you’re shy or have an uncomfortable or self-conscious personality, don’t bother booking a bridal session. If you want to feel like a princess, book your bridal portraits at an outdoor location. Make sure you have a dress you can move in comfortably after the session. This way, the wedding photographer can capture all the important details of your special day.

Another popular style of wedding photography is the bridal portrait session. Bridal portraits are also called “bridals” in the South. Unlike engagement photos, these photographs are taken on a separate day. During this time, the bride can practice her wedding day look while the photographer focuses on her. After the session, the best image will be displayed on a large canvas or frame during the reception. Once the wedding day arrives, the couple will take it to a more intimate location to create their perfect bridal portraits.

If you’d rather have a portrait taken during your rehearsal or before the big day, you can arrange a bridal session. This will give you the opportunity to rethink your hairstyle or makeup if necessary. Having the bridal session prior to the wedding can help you make any minor changes to your appearance, and it can help you look and feel your best. If you want your bridal portraits to be a part of your wedding album, book a bridal session.

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