Planning a Romantic Honeymoon


Planning a Romantic Honeymoon

The honeymoon is a tradition that dates back to the 5th century. Since then, the concept of a romantic vacation for newlyweds has evolved a great deal. Some cultures even celebrated the first moon of marriage by drinking mead, a honey-based alcoholic beverage with aphrodisiac properties. During the 19th century, British couples often used their honeymoon to visit friends and family. While there are plenty of other reasons to plan a romantic getaway, here are some ideas to consider.

Generally, honeymoons are set in romantic locations, such as tropical islands. Some cities also symbolize romance, like Venice or Paris. Hotels that celebrate the wedding in these locations can also provide a romantic theme to enhance the experience. Nowadays, many couples document their vacations on the Internet to share with their friends and family. One can see the itineraries and personal biographies of other honeymooners online. This means that honeymooners are more likely to be married if they are documenting their trip.

Traditionally, the honeymoon is a romantic trip for the newlyweds. Whether you choose a destination based on a historical period or a contemporary location, the honeymoon should be romantic. During this time, you and your partner should do things that are not normal for them and for you. This is an excellent way to make your partner comfortable. If you want to make your honeymoon special, you should take the time to read books that focus on the history of marriage.

You can also bring things from home to make your honeymoon even more memorable for your spouse. Your favorite lube and iPod dock can help your sex life more exciting. Another important thing to bring is your normal method of birth control. Making sure that you are synchronized with your birth control can help you avoid the period during your honeymoon. As an added precaution, many women suffer from “honeymoon cystitis” during their honeymoon. Taking cranberry extract supplements can help to strengthen your immune system.

Your honeymoon is a great time to try out new things in the bedroom. During your honeymoon, you will be both excited and relaxed. While you may not be as sociable as you were before your wedding, you should consider trying out new ways to enjoy your new life together. Wearing more revealing lingerie or enacting a fantasy will make your partner feel comfortable, but don’t go overboard. You might be surprised by the results.

In the past, the honeymoon was a time for newlyweds to get to know each other better, become sexually intimate and adjust to being married. Today, most couples have already known each other before the wedding, and the honeymoon has become a holiday for them. However, it has become an opportunity to reconnect and rekindle the romance after the wedding. By taking the time to reconnect with each other, a honeymoon can be more fun and less stressful than a traditional wedding.

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