Important Parts of Your Wedding Dress

wedding dress

Wedding dresses have been a part of our culture for centuries. They’re an iconic part of our heritage, and are a symbol of love, happiness and hope. The dress is also a highly technical piece of clothing, so it’s important to know a little about what it takes to make one look as beautiful as possible on your special day.

The bodice

The top layer of your wedding dress is called the bodice, and it covers your bust and midriff. Some dresses feature structured bodices that create a particular shape, while others are looser and feature embellishments or lace accents. The bodice is an essential part of the dress, and it can add a sexy touch to your look.


The skirt is another crucial part of your dress that can influence how your gown looks on you. There are many different types of skirts, from floor-length to knee-length, so it’s important to know the hemline you want before you go shopping.


The length of your wedding dress depends on the type of ceremony you’re having and what you’re hoping to accomplish on your big day. Gowns with long trains that graze the floor are considered more formal, while short styles that barely graze the ground are more casual and ideal for a small ceremony or reception.


There are plenty of different hemlines for your wedding dress, including floor-length, knee-length and mini-length. Some of the latest bridal trends include high-low hemlines, which are great for showing off your gorgeous shoes on your big day.


The train is the longest part of your wedding dress, and it can really make or break your look. There are several different styles of trains, including Watteau, sweep and detachable ones that can be fastened to the back of your skirt using hooks or buttons.


This is an open-weave fabric that brings elegance and refinement to any dress. It comes in a variety of colors and styles, and it’s one of the most luxurious fabrics for your wedding gown.


As its name suggests, satin is a very heavy fabric that makes a good choice for your wedding dress if you’re looking to splurge. However, it can be difficult to keep in place while walking or dancing, so it’s important to consider how you’ll move before you choose this fabric.

A bustle

The bustle is a discreet set of hooks, buttons or ribbons that is sewn into the back of your skirt, either on top or underneath. It is typically used to help keep your dress in place during the ceremony and reception, but it can be used as a decorative detail as well.


Over the years, embroidery has become an important detail for many wedding dresses, and it can be found in many different designs. From floral to simple designs, it can be a very romantic way to add a special touch to your gown.


Bridal designers often use lace to decorate their gowns, so you’ll find it on a lot of them. If you’re looking for something more edgy, check out bridal designers who use beadwork or other embellishments in their gowns. The most important thing to remember is that your embellishments should enhance the overall aesthetic of your dress, not overpower it.

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