How to Plan a Wedding


A wedding is a formal occasion that celebrates the union of two people. The two main components of a wedding are the wedding ceremony and the reception. The ceremony is the part of the wedding celebration that legally binds the couple. It typically begins with a processional, which may include the bride’s mother or her wedding party, the groom and the couple. The officiant will lead the ceremony, which generally involves reciting vows, exchanging wedding rings, and the couple’s first kiss as husband and wife. Some traditions incorporate cultural or religious rituals or symbols as well.

The first step in wedding planning is to gather addresses and contact information for all guests. Make sure that all of these addresses are up to date. While many couples still prefer to mail invitations, sending them digitally is becoming increasingly popular. Use tools like Postable to collect addresses and keep track of RSVPs. Other popular tools include Google Docs or Zola’s guest list tracker.

In Jewish weddings, the bride and groom exchange rings. Traditionally, the ceremony is conducted under a canopy structure known as a chuppah. This structure symbolizes the creation of a new Jewish home. During the wedding ceremony, the bride circles her husband seven times, which is a tradition dating back to the Ashkenazi community. This symbolise the new home she will create for her husband. In modern weddings, however, the bride and groom circle each other just three or four times, respectively.

Wedding rings are a tradition that has been around for many centuries. They have been a part of European and American weddings. The ancient Romans believed that a vein from the fourth finger of the bride and groom ran directly to the heart, so wearing rings on the fourth finger was a way to connect their hearts.

In our culture, weddings are an expensive affair that celebrates the union of two people. Depending on the culture, wedding celebrations can last for weeks. In some cultures, parents pay for lavish lifestyles for the bride and groom during the wedding week. In some countries, a single night of extravagant partying can cost as much as several months of salary.

A wedding ceremony’s primary purpose is to make a couple commit to one another. Their vows, which are usually reaffirmed throughout the wedding ceremony, are what will legally declare them husband and wife. Moreover, the vows should also serve as a reminder to all attendees of the promises made. In this way, the ceremony is a public declaration of love and devotion, which can help the couple remember their promises in the future.

As the mother of the bride, the mother of the groom will also have some important roles during the wedding. However, the mother of the groom will have a less prominent role than the mother of the bride. The mother of the groom also takes part in the mother-son dance.

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