How to Plan a Successful Bridal Party


A bride is a woman who is about to marry or has just been married. A wedding is a celebration of the marriage of two people and usually involves spending a lot of money. In some cultures, the parties can last for a week or more and are supported by the parents of the bride and groom.

Traditionally, the father of the bride plays a very small role in the run-up to the wedding, but has several duties on the day of the ceremony. He may take part in the father-daughter dance, walk her down the aisle and “give her away” at the altar.

To keep her calm and sane, a bride often chooses a maid or matron of honor who will be her best friend. These friends can be a great support system for the bride, and can help her navigate all the emotions that come with planning for and attending a wedding, according to Krug.

One of the most important things a bride can do before the wedding is to write down her values and what she wants her special day to be about. This will help her focus on the most important aspects of her wedding and ensure that all of her needs are met, Krug says.

In addition to writing down her values, the bride should also create a wedding wish list. She can then use this list to prioritize her requests for the day, such as the music and food she wants.

This list can include any special requests that she has for her wedding, such as having her dog walk her down the aisle or having a mentalist at her wedding. It can also include any items that she wishes her guests to bring, such as a gift certificate or a personalized champagne flute.

The wedding wishes list should be written in advance of the ceremony so that the bride can make sure she has everything she needs for the big day, including a special dress, flowers and other decorations. She will also need to have her makeup and hair done.

During the wedding, a bride’s parents will usually be present and give her a blessing. This is a traditional custom and is an acknowledgement of the couple’s new relationship with their parents.

Another wedding tradition involves the throwing of rice over the bride. This is a symbol of good luck and fertility, especially in Muslim cultures.

Other traditions involved in a bridal celebration include the wearing of orange blossoms, a traditional flower that is considered to symbolize fecundity. This floral tribute has been in use since the Middle Ages and is still practiced by some Christians.

A bride is not only the center of attention on her wedding day, but she is the recipient of the most gifts of any other person at a wedding. She is the subject of many beautiful pieces of jewelry and has the opportunity to wear a veil that completely envelopes her during the wedding ceremony.

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