How to Host a Fun and Festive Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is a fun, festive event held two to six months before the bride’s wedding. The dates should be convenient for the bride and groom. It can also coincide with a trip home or other get-togethers. A bachelorette party can follow the shower and serve as an even more exciting pre-wedding celebration. Here are some ideas for hosting a bridal shower:1. Ask the bride to give the date and time of the shower.


Find a place to hold the shower. If you don’t have a home, ask co-planners if they have room. If there isn’t enough room at home, consider booking a restaurant, hotel, or Airbnb for the day. Most of these venues will be in close proximity to the bride’s home, making them ideal for bridal showers. However, it’s a good idea to choose a venue in which the wedding will take place if it will have a specific theme.

When it comes to wedding photography, the father of the bride usually plays a smaller role in the lead-up to the wedding. Still, the groom typically has several responsibilities on the wedding day. For example, some families choose to do a “first look” with the father of the bride, so the dad can enjoy the day with his daughter. The father of the bride also often walks the aisle and gives the bride away at the altar. It is customary for the father to join the bride and groom in the father-daughter dance, as well.

Although the role of the father of the bride is smaller in the lead-up to the wedding, the father of the bride can still play an important role on the big day. Some families opt for a “first look” with the groom, which gives the father and daughter a moment alone together before the wedding. The father of the bride is often the one to walk his daughter down the aisle. Some families choose to have a separate ceremony for the father and daughter before the ceremony, which allows the father and daughter to spend quality time together before the event. Some parents also opt to include a “father-daughter dance.”

A bridal shower is a traditional event held in the week before the wedding. The guests are encouraged to bring a gift that the bride will love. The gifts are generally gifts for the bride’s home, and the father of the bride is a very important part of the ceremony. He will often help the bride get ready for the big day by showing her gown and giving her away. In addition, he may also offer advice on wedding preparation and coordinating the reception.

The father of the bride traditionally plays a smaller role in the wedding. He will assist the bride by giving her dowry and assisting her during the reception. Some families also choose to give the bride a “first look” with her father. During the ceremony, the father of the bride will walk the aisle and give the bride away. This can be a traditional way of showing affection for the groom and the mother. There are many other ways to show support for the future couple.

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