How to Create a Community of Support For Your Wedding


There are many reasons to throw a wedding: to celebrate your union, to showcase the bride and her extravagant beauty, and to make a show of the couple’s wealth. But the most important purpose of a wedding is to create a community of people who will support you in your marriage. That community grows stronger the more people witness your commitment, and the more you hold each other accountable to keep your promises. That’s why it’s so important to choose a ceremony that truly honors your relationship and the values you share.

When choosing your venue and packages, make sure to investigate prices and packages from multiple venues before you commit to anything. And always give yourself some wiggle room for unexpected additional costs or must-have upgrades. As a rule of thumb, most couples end up spending 10 to 15 percent more than they originally expected.

It may seem obvious that you should hire only reputable and professional vendors for your wedding, but be sure to carefully review all contracts before signing anything. Pay special attention to any terms that prevent you from leaving reviews of your vendor after the event, extreme cancellation policies or language that appears one-sided.

If you have any doubts about your contract, consider discussing it with the vendor to see if they can offer any assurances that will make you feel more confident in working together. It’s also a good idea to have an attorney go over any contracts before you sign so they can provide advice on any issues that might not be clear to you.

Having all your key players in place is crucial to an organized and stress-free wedding day. Be sure to entrust someone with answering your vendors’ questions, nominate a person to wrangle family members for photos, and put someone in charge of collecting all the gifts. It’s also a great idea to create a wedding website with key information, links to your registries and any other relevant details.

While it’s tempting to spend every waking moment focused on planning your big day, it’s important to take time to nurture the relationships you cherished prior to getting engaged. Whether it’s book club or Sunday brunch, maintaining these relationships will help your new marriage thrive.

As the ceremony comes to an end, guests will join you in a recessional line that’s led by your maid of honor and best man or flower girl and ring bearer. Then the officiant will say a few final words, or for a religious ceremony the clergy member will recite some blessings.

It’s hard to believe, but your wedding will be over before you know it. Be sure to savor all the special moments with your loved ones and remember that the best part of being married is spending time with your spouse. And don’t forget to eat. Ask any newlyweds and they’ll tell you that the day goes by in a flash. So enjoy your meal and don’t forget to take a bite of that cake!

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