Factors to Consider When Planning a Wedding


Many African countries have recently called for the abolishment of the bride price. This practice is associated with lower marital satisfaction and less happiness in women. Regardless of the reasons, there is a need for more research to understand this controversial practice. In one study conducted by Hague and colleagues, 84 per cent of respondents agreed that the bride price was a key factor in domestic violence.

Traditionally, the parents of the bride should pay for the wedding. But, if the bride or groom has asked for help with the financial aspects, the parents of the bride should foot the bill. However, there are other ways to contribute to the wedding. Whether it’s a wedding shower or a rehearsal dinner, the parents must be involved.

During the Middle Ages, brides used wheat ears to feed the guests. Young girls would gather outside the church porch to throw grains of wheat onto the bride, who then scrambled to catch them. Eventually, the wheat grains were made into thin biscuits. Today, oatmeal cake is often used. The use of wheat ears was revived during Elizabeth’s reign.

The number of bridesmaids is also a factor to consider. The bride’s retinue reflects the social status of her family. In the past, a large group of bridesmaids was seen as an opportunity to display wealth and social status. Traditionally, a bride’s retinue consisted of close friends or sisters.

A bride’s dress also has cultural significance. In the Western world, brides wear white or cream wedding dresses. However, not all Christian women wear white wedding gowns. During the Middle Ages, white was considered a color for mourning. However, in Jewish tradition, white symbolizes purity. It is important to consider how comfortable the dress will be for the bride.

Many couples choose to keep the bride’s wedding dress a secret until the wedding. Many couples feel that this helps to build excitement in the ceremony. Besides, most brides don’t want their groom to see them in their wedding dress before the wedding. In these cases, the veil is a perfect solution.

The best man is the groom’s closest male friend. Usually, a best man serves as the groom’s chief assistant. He may also refer to the maid of honor. Depending on the type of wedding, a bride may choose more than one flower girl. They are usually four to eight years old.

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