A bride is a woman who is about to get married or is a newlywed. She is usually attended by a maid, bridesman and one or more bridesmaids. She is sometimes accompanied by her mother and/or father. If her future husband is a man, he is called the groom.

The bride is often adorned with flowers and other decorations for her wedding. She may also be crowned with a crown or wreath and/or wear an elaborate veil.

When a bride gives her toast at her reception, she has the chance to tell her friends and family about herself and her relationship with her groom. She can share funny or sweet stories about their time together. She can also thank her parents for their love and support. She can also talk about her hopes and dreams for the future.

It is customary for the bride to have a bridal shower. It is an opportunity for her close friends and family to celebrate the upcoming wedding with her and give her gifts. The shower can be as formal or informal as the bride wishes. It is usually held in the months leading up to her wedding day.

A bridesmaid is a female attendant to a bride, typically a close friend or sister. The title is derived from the Greek word for “maid of honor.” If the bride has a male friend or brother as her head attendant, he may be given the title of man of honor. The bride’s mother is frequently a matron of honor, although some brides choose to have her closest male friend or brother as their maid of honor.

If the bride is a member of the church, she is called the bride of Christ. She is an analogy to the church as a whole, which Paul discusses in several New Testament passages. The bride’s role as a follower of Jesus Christ and His love for her is compared to the loving role of a wife.

When deciding what to include in her toast, the bride can ask other close friends and family for suggestions. She should also be honest with herself and consider how she wants her audience to respond to her speech. For example, she should avoid inside jokes that outsiders won’t understand and be careful not to overwhelm the audience with long anecdotes.

If she is giving her toast at a wedding, the bride can use the occasion to give thanks for all of the people who have helped her get to this point in her life. She can also mention her favorite memories with her groom and express her hopes for the couple’s future. The bride can also use her toast as an opportunity to wish the couple well in their marriage and ask for God’s blessing on their lives.

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