Bridal Shower Power Bases

A bridal shower is a party held to “shower” the bride-to-be with gifts and good wishes for her wedding day and marriage. It is typically a more casual affair than the wedding itself and may be held in a restaurant, event space, or at someone’s home. Guests usually eat appetizers and drinks upon arrival, greet the bride when she arrives, then find their seats (if they have them), and participate in activities such as games, quizzes, word scrambles, or scratch-offs. The bride-to-be’s maid of honor and matron of honour often help with arranging the party and will be there to offer emotional support on the day.

The study also identified a fourth type of power base, expert power, which is based on expertise and superior knowledge. This was the power base most often identified by brides, and one that they seemed to have the most control over. The study notes that the best way to gain this type of power is by being very knowledgeable in a particular area and sharing that knowledge with others. For example, a seamstress with extensive knowledge of fabric and garment construction could be the person to help a bride choose the right bridal gown.

Another way to gain this type of power is by gaining trust in people. A bride might be able to gain this by trusting her friends and family with some of the more personal aspects of the wedding, such as the guest list or the overall vibe of the ceremony. However, she should be careful to limit this type of power over the more trivial details so that she doesn’t end up feeling overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done.

A bride should also not be allowed to make decisions about every little detail of her wedding, especially if it is costing more than she can afford. She should be allowed to make major decisions such as the date, the venue, and the overall vibe, but she should not be expected to pay for all the little things that go into making a wedding happen.

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