Bridal Secrets They Didn’t Know

The process of getting married often begins with an engagement party, followed by a bridal shower, a bachelor or bachelorette party and, finally, the wedding itself. But there are many things that many couples don’t know about the planning of these events. Curiosity is what drives most new clients to your business, so let them in on some bridal secrets they might not have known before!

The word “bride” derives from the Old English bryda, which meant “wedding ale” or “wedding feast.” In Saxon England, it also referred to the senior bridesmaid who attended the bride for days before the wedding. Her duties included making the bridal wreath and arranging the table for the wedding meal. Other tasks included sprinkling the couple with wheat-ears, which symbolized the wishes that they would be prosperous.

A bridal shower is a gift-giving party thrown for the future bride in celebration of her upcoming marriage. The tradition is rooted in a practice of offering a bride-to-be a small amount of cash or household goods to help her make the transition into her marital home. This is a modern variation of the ancient dowry. Today, brides typically receive gifts from their close female friends and family. The party can be based on any theme, and it is sometimes coed or Jack and Jill style, where all genders are invited along with the bride.

Some brides wear a white dress, a symbol of purity and innocence, while others choose to wear a more traditional color such as red, which is thought to bring good luck. The type of jewelry worn by the bride has also evolved. The bride may wear her birthstone, a pearl, a diamond or other gem, a chura (red and white bangles) in Punjabi Sikh culture, or a mangalsutra in Hinduism.

Guests at the bridal shower are usually expected to give gifts, although it is not always required. It is also customary for the bride to open her gifts surrounded by guests, but some brides prefer to save this tradition and instead open their presents at the wedding. This is a personal choice that the bride should decide with her fiancé before the party. Likewise, it is completely acceptable for the bride to skip any games that do not appeal to her or if she does not feel comfortable playing them at all.

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