Doing It For The Kids!

July 22, 2016

As your wedding day approaches you may find yourself thinking, "oh my goodness, how on earth am I going to keep ten children of mixed ages occupied and busy and away from all our white dresses?" After all, ratty and bored children = ratty and exhausted parents and that is not the atmosphere you want on your special day! It's so important to make the children feel involved, they do after all just want to join in with all the excitement and sometimes it can just get all a bit too adult - (I personally just find that in day to day life!) Give all the parents a night off and arrange some little activities to keep all your mini guests happy! We've gathered a few ideas for you - all simple and won't break the bank!


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Give 'em a Goody Bag...


Many of you will be giving your guests out some form of wedding favour right? You may be making them yourself or ordering them in. But one really simple thing you can do is make up a little party bag for your little ones - dead simple. You can go classic plastic 'kids party bag' or if you want to go a bit more posh maybe a cute box or mini case? Either way, this is a great way to cater for all ages. Got a 5 year old? Go for colouring and stickers. Got a teenager? Fill it with some fake moustaches and selfie props. These can be done so cheaply, head to your local 'saver' shop and grab a few mini colouring books and crayons, bouncy balls, marbles, you know the party bag drill!


Top tip - if you're going colouring avoid felt tip pen - not worth the risk. Pencils/crayons are the safer option. Personally I think a bit of 'magic colouring' doesn't go a miss - you just need a paint brush and water. Now there is a slight risk of some of the colours running if the kids use a LOT of water but it's a relatively mess free way of amazing your little ones!







Also available to buy on eBay (pictured right) =


(Check out magic painting at:



Set up some games...


Why not set up a little games area - this doesn't have to be solely restricted to the children! Again, all can be done so cheaply - just set up some really simple fairground games - guaranteed to keep the kids busy for an hour or two and will encourage them to make friends and bond with your other little ones!
















Give them a job...


Now I don't know about you, but as a little one I used to LOVE having a job and feeling involved with everything the adults were doing. It's crucial to make children feel important - why not let them be photographers and give them a photo checklist. Who knows, they might even get you some fabulous shots! Or perhaps let them help with a bit of waiting - let them hand everyones party favours our or get them to go round and get some song requests for the DJ.


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Grab yourself a cute pack of disposable camera off amazon!





Cater for the kids too...


A big sit down three course meal can be a bit overwhelming so maybe offer some more casual party food on a little buffet - nice and plain food is often best for those with a fussy taste!






Get 'em dancing at the disco...


Make sure there is a good selection of songs for the kids on your playlist - a bit of cha-cha slide and Frozen soundtrack songs! Add to the fun by providing some inflatable guitars or props to really get them all involved - if they can prise them off the adults that is!


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Well you can't say we haven't provided you will a good selection of inspiration! We hope you have found something useful. Most of these ideas you can easily adapt to ages and your wedding theme... going beach themed, get some fairground activities. Going glamorous - get some feather boas and tiaras. It's dead simple - but that bit of extra through will really be appreciated by all your guests - children and parents!


Here's to a great wedding!


Love Shannon x







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