Extraordinary Edibles!

July 15, 2016

Let's face it, when it comes to weddings the food is a pretty big deal - and a pretty big stress!! It is without doubt a HUGE pressure - it's a long day and as lovely as your guests may be - we want to avoid a surge of hanger. Most couples will opt for the traditional sit down meal for convenience and a weight off their mind - and don't get us wrong - we are not turning our noses up at that luxury! But times are changing and compromises may need to be made; budgets are becoming tighter and dietary requirements are becoming more and more prominent - damn those vegans and coeliacs! (Joking, as a coeliac myself we love you all really!) With this being the case, there may be some other options which you should definitely consider - fun, cheaper and certainly unique!

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Now this is a classic part of a wedding - and yes we do love that VIP Hollywood special treatment of a nice attractive man in a waistcoat walking around with a fancy platter of salmon blinis. However, your purse is guaranteed to feel a lot lighter! 


So let's think sensibly... ok so you reeeeaaaallllyyy want to go ahead with the appetisers cause you're that sort of person that wants to keep everyone well fed. Fair enough. But consider whether you need professional service or whether you could set up a really cute appetisers station where your guests are perfectly capable of serving themselves?


We LOVE this cute boat buffet <3 Check out the link to the original page:







And it doesn't have to be mega expensive produce! Just because you're going for top quality seafood and organic breads doesn't necessary mean increased satisfaction! Why not go for something super fun and unusual? Mini cheese toasties with a tomato soup shot, cookies and milk, or if you did want to go a bit gourmet - go for seasonal veg and cheap meat cuts such as bacon wrapped asparagus.




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The good thing about going simple is that you can prepares the canapés beforehand - here's an idea - why not ask a friend or family member to prepare them for you as your 
wedding gift! Tick a job off your list and also save your guest that wedding gift shop panic! Either go for a quick re-heat on the day or even easier - go for cold canapés! Check out the link below for a range of simple recipes!




                                       (Image source: www.goodhousekeeping.co.uk)



Let's Have A Takeaway!



Everyone loves a takeaway right? Why not opt for these little crowd pleasers instead of splashing out on a 3 course meal? After all, everyone will be stuffing their faces with wedding cake so no real need for dessert! And if you did opt for appetisers earlier on in the day, a starter is also non-essential! 


If you want real convenience and great fun then why not get guests to make their own meals? For example have a 'Build Your Own Burger Station' or get people to 'Create Your Own Pizza' and then class it up by hiring a rustic stone oven for that real Italian finish. 


This is a fab way to make sure everyone has been catered for- offer gluten free pizza bases/buns. Offer vegetarian burgers alongside beef burgers. You can just sit back and relax, knowing you don't have to make sure difficult Aunty Carol's dietary requirements are met!


(Burgers = stylemepretty.net, fish and chips= 
high rotation.ch, stone bake oven = MLive.com)



Go Continental...






















(Image sources left: partypinching.com, right:                                   lovewedbliss.com)


Who doesn't LOVE cheese? Such a crowd pleaser and again you can get all types of wonderful variation, cranberry, stilton, I've even seen chocolate cheese before! Lactose free and vegan cheese is also available - why not provide gluten free crackers? Again, everyone is catered for. If you're not a sweet person, don't feel bullied into a traditional wedding cake... GO SAVOURY!



Get Your Hands Dirty - Tuck Into A BBQ...




This is a particularly great idea for if you're opting for a summer wedding! Gorgeous smells will surround your ceremony! Just be careful of ketchup and grease on dresses!!


Perhaps you want to go full hog roast? Who says you can't! We think this couple look very happy with their decision!


Checkout http://www.happyhogscatering.co.uk/wedding-caterers/  for more info!

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Quaint Afternoon Tea...


Go wonderfully classy and British with an elegant afternoon tea - if you still want a nice sit down meal, this could be a great compromise! Let everyone help themselves, no need for much attention or service! You could even get some help from family preparing the platters beforehand if you want to save on caterers!





(Image sources top:thenaturalweddingcompany.co.uk, bottom: wedding-venues.co.uk) 


Well that's all from us here at The Bridal Emporium - we hope we've got your taste buds tingling! Food really is such a dream! As always let us know what you've been up to and any of your own inspiration! Ping us over some pics on any of our social media platforms!


Until next time my lovelies,


Shannon x















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