5 top engagement ring trends for 2016




A symbolic display of your partnership; engagement and wedding rings are a tradition which has been well and truly embraced throughout the decades. If these up-to-date trends are anything to go by, the phenomenon shows no signs of easing up any time soon. Wedding rings as we know them are believed to date back as far as Roman times, whereby the symbolism of the ring finger was associated with the ‘Vein of Love’: said to be located in this digit and linked directly to the heart. Whether a wedding or engagement ring, these looks are nothing if not adaptable.        


1.) Ornate bands

A goer for bohemian or artistic brides opting for a vintage piece of jewellery, the ornate bands trend calls for spiralling and intricate metalwork. The benefit of a sculpted band being that stones can be sporadically placed throughout the jewellery whilst smooth, flowing elements come together to form a relaxed design.




2.) Rose Gold

For its unusual lustre and pink colouring, the must have precious metal of the year is show stopping rose gold. Paired with rosy stones, this luxurious gold is set alight and makes for a modern statement piece.   




3.) Open setting

An almost illusionary setting, the open set brings optimum attention to a diamond or gem: housing it impressively with little visible contact with the band itself. These seemingly effortless designs give the impression of chosen stones balancing in place of their own accord and perfectly presented.    




4.) Halo

A halo setting builds around an elevated circular aesthetic within a central gemstone which harbours all the attention. Encircling metalwork or clusters of stones can emphasise the central gemstone: hence ‘halo’. This angelic setting is a timeless classic: often reinforced by perfect pavé stones which add sparkle and secure the centre stone.






5.) Colourful sparkle

A pop of accenting colour within a ring can incorporate an unexpected element to an otherwise sleek and retiring ring design. Coloured diamonds can be acquired in soft colours such as muted pink or canary yellow; adding colour but not ‘too much’, whereas, for the bolder customer, gemstones come in any imaginable shade. This is a trend for the creative in you.   





Local Luxe 


For Leeds-based jewellers take a trip to 'Aladdin's cave' in the decadent Queen's Arcade for vintage finds galore.




More treasures can be found via 'Outrage Jewellery' in the majestic Leeds corn exchange building. ‘Outrage’ opened its doors for the first time at the Corn Exchange in 1989 and specialises in handmade silver and precious stones. The store warmly welcomes couples on the hunt for wedding and engagement rings.




Further afield, the bespoke designer Sophie Hargreaves is able to cater to specific jewellery needs and boasts some special surprise pieces at her base in Hebden Bridge.  





Hope you enjoyed this read, look forward to checking in again soon! x 



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